The Unforgiving Hunting Grounds of Digital Media

A meadow lies hushed in the late day sun. No movement or sound among the long grasses. Crouched and poised on the shadow-treed edge, the hunter scans, working his scarred fingers slowly across a heavy wood shaft… …your customer, the digital hunter on today’s web. His attention span is the prey he follows. One false […]

What is Programmatic Advertising?

As many of you know, our next luncheon on September 19th is about the basics of programmatic advertising. But, many of us aren’t quite sure what programmatic advertising is or why it matters. We wanted to give you some information about programmatic advertising so you can decide if this next luncheon is for you. First, […]

Things To Do In Reno When You Are Here For The Regional Retreat!

Our Reno-Tahoe AMA Chapter is proud and excited to be hosting AMA chapter leaders from across the west coast! While you are visiting our beautiful area, we have compiled a list of things you might want to check out. Looking forward to seeing you on November 11th and 12th! See Majestic Tahoe Explore a beach […]

Yelp & The Value of Customer Feedback

Yelp & The Value of Customer Feedback Michael Tragash, Reno’s resident Yelp Community Manager, wants every business owner to understand and harness the marketing power of Yelp. Yelp is an international platform with the ability to put corporations and local small businesses on the same playing field by connecting them with audiences through a desktop […]

4 Ways Local Businesses Can Capitalize on the Pokemon Go Craze

What is Pokémon Go? Pokémon go is the first widely popular augmented reality game for kids and adults alike. The premise of the game is to “catch Pokémon” scattered around your real-life surroundings. This hybrid between a “mobile game” and a “real-life game” demonstrates the growing convergence between mobile technology and real life through augmented reality. Pokémon Go uses […]

Annual Awards Event Celebrating Marketing Excellence Reaches Peak Community Engagement

Now in its 28th year, the Reno-Tahoe AMA’s annual Ace Awards event serves to recognize marketing excellence within our community. This year a record-setting 140+ nominations and submissions were received across 11 categories, and once again the diverse group of agencies, businesses, and marketing practitioners in the region have outdone themselves. Judged by our AMA […]

Join Reno AMA on March 15th with Cannabrand’s Jennifer DeFalco and Olivia Mannix

Pot. Weed. Mary Jane. Whatever nickname you call it by, marijuana is one of the most intriguing and controversial topics making headlines today. With legalization spreading across states, more entrepreneurs flock to meet consumer demand for the commodity. That opens up an opportunity to give the traditional “stoner” stereotype a new face – one that […]