1. Take charge of your career path – You may have gotten “a foot in the door” right of college, but now you want to move in a direction that feeds your passions. Joining AMA can help you take charge of where you want to be and acquire the necessary skills to further your career in the way you desire
  2. Tone your marketing and communications skills – AMA is about learning the latest trends in marketing and communications. Attend a luncheon, mixer, and the annual workshop, to learn about new topics and receive the forward-thinking information you need to keep relevant.
  3. Broaden your knowledge – With an AMA membership, you have a large amount of resources at your fingertips. Not only does the Reno-Tahoe chapter facilitate learning opportunities, but the national chapter provides marketing journals, magazines, resources and more with your membership. Also, you receive discounts on Extended Studies classes from the University of Nevada, Reno.
  4. No more hand-holding – There’s no longer a professor telling you how to learn or what to learn. You just have to go out into the world and find the information for yourself. Here’s our schedule on upcoming luncheons.
  5. Look professional – This is an opportunity to brand yourself to other professionals. Your presence and how you present yourself at AMA events makes a difference. Let people see that you mean business.
  6. Enhance your professional network – Let’s face it – being a communications professional is a lot more fun when you know other people in your field. It is your chance to build a network that will truly support you through your failures and successes as you grow in your career.
  7. Learn with seasoned professionals – From Boomers to Gen Z, professionals are interested in success. You can learn with and from marketers and leaders who bring a depth of learning to our chapter.
  8. Try something new – Consider volunteering with the AMA Board of Directors or joining a committee. Maybe you want to assist with graphics or learn hands-on how to do it. Sometimes learning takes doing, and volunteering for the AMA board can help.
  9. Put it on your resume – This one might be a no-brainer, but it needs to be said. We encourage you to join AMA for the experience not just for a bullet on your resume. However, you really should still put it on your resume.
  10. Land a dream job – You should have a job that makes you happy. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you land a job at a great company if it doesn’t help you grow personally and professionally. You might just need additional skills to get you there. Join AMA Reno-Tahoe.

About the author – Lindsey Gross

I joined AMA Reno-Tahoe five years after graduating college, and I wish I would have joined earlier. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Journalism and was hired as a graphic designer with an award-winning art department. At first, I focused on learning from my coworkers – which actually taught me a lot – but it didn’t help me connect with other marketing and communications professionals in the community. When I pivoted in my career and joined AMA, I realized that there are many professionals out there that enjoy sharing knowledge and supporting each other in their fields.

Generally speaking, I’m interested in professional development and networking with other professionals. That means something different for every person, but in my case, I’m currently interested in learning about marketing and communications practices that can help me in my role as Director of Marketing for the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation (NNCCF). I want to enhance my knowledge: for better marketing, for more donations, and for better programs at our nonprofit. Networking also influences community support. I have met many business owners interested in aligning with a nonprofit that fits their brand. I’m passionate about community support for local nonprofits and I try to influence a business to find a nonprofit. The Reno-Tahoe community is very generous and I want to learn more about how to encourage more support and enhance the donor experience.

If you are interested in joining AMA Reno-Tahoe, please reach out. Our Board of Directors is always looking for volunteers and support. Follow AMA on social media @renoama.

By Lindsey Tromerhauser
President Elect, AMA Reno-Tahoe 
Director of Marketing, Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation