In Honor of our Past Presidents

Thank you to all of our Past Presidents of the Reno-Tahoe American Marketing Association. Your dedication and diligence to the organization has built a strong legacy for the Marketing profession in Northern Nevada. Thank you for your leadership and continued service!

Brittany Silva

Term: 2018 – 2019

Marketing Director at Ruby Seven Studios, Inc.


Anita Bowers

Term: 2017 – 2018

Sr. Marketing Manager at Gurobi Optimization


Sig Siganda

Term: 2016 – 2017

Operations Program Manager, Business Operations


Rachel Kingham

Term: 2015 – 2016

Owner at Rachel Kingham Communications


Tiffany Brown

Term: 2014 to 2015

Client Services Specialist


Somer Athari

Term: 2013 to 2014

Senior Project Manager
Noble Studios

Connie Weber

Andy Walden

Term: 2012 to 2013

Senior Account Manager
Noble Studios

Connie Weber

Connie Weber

Term: 2011 to 2012

Sierra Nevada Wealth Management

Judith Hepburn

Judith Hepburn

Term: 2010 to 2011

Area Manager/Public Information Officer
U.S. Small Business Administration

Bruce Knowlton

Bruce Knowlton

Term: 2009 to 2010

National Casino Account Director
CSG Direct

Jessica Hensler

Jessica Hensler

Term: 2007 to 2009

Management Engineer
Universal Health Services

Dave Archer

Dave Archer

Term: 2005 to 2007

President and CEO
Nevada’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Samantha Ravo

Samantha Daggett

Term: 2003 to 2005

Marketing Manager
Sam’s Club

James Webster
Term: 2002 to 2003
Kerstin Plemel
Term: 2001 to 2002
Laura Furumoto
Term: 2000 to 2001
Lynnae Hornbarger
Term: 1999 to 2000
Nancy Copfer
Term: 1998 to 1999
Ginger Bevilacqua-Paulsen
Term: 1997 to 1998
Lisa Mancini
Term: 1996 to 1997
Richard Hogan
Term: 1995 to 1996
Kim Tolkien
Term: 1993 to 1995
Charles Allured
Term: 1992 to 1993
Bob Felten
Term: 1991 to 1992
Katherine I. Cole
Term: 1990 to 1991
Tony Sousa
Term: 1989 to 1990
Bob Alessandrelli
Term: 1988 to 1989
Sandy Nichols
Term: 1986 to 1988
James D. Rogers
Term: 1985 to 1986
Allen W. Dunn
Term: 1983 to 1985
Kyung-Il Ghymn
Term: 1982 to 1983