Yelp & The Value of Customer Feedback

Michael Tragash, Reno’s resident Yelp Community Manager, wants every business owner to understand and harness the marketing power of Yelp.

Yelp is an international platform with the ability to put corporations and local small businesses on the same playing field by connecting them with audiences through a desktop and mobile app based on their locations and search preferences, and offers a library of audience reviews for further insight.

Yet it unfortunately has become an enemy to many businesses. However, ignoring its presence can be a detriment to operations, but perhaps more importantly, denies an impactful and multifaceted marketing tool to reach locals and visitors alike.

Before he takes the stage on Tuesday September 20th for Reno-Tahoe AMA’s monthly luncheon, Michael Tragash provides a preview on Yelp’s value, community focus, and how the luncheon will give attendees a refreshed look at the peer review-based platform. Below is an overview on what you can expect to learn next week!

Yelp is invested in the local community

Michael’s job is to build bridges between businesses, consumers, and the platform. Rather than ‘hide in the shadows’, his role is to be the face of Yelp and help educate business owners on the variety of marketing options the service offers. He personally leads all local event planning, marketing outreach, and collaborations between Yelp and the businesses in our community. The luncheon will reveal how any marketer can join forces with local Yelp efforts to make a big splash in the region.

Yelp is more than just a website

Michael will demonstrate how Yelp’s toolkit can generate more business from locals and visitors by creating two-way conversations between brand and customer. He emphasizes that the platform is much more than a bulletin board; the power of its content and connection to real people can carry a brand story far and wide, not to mention the SEO benefits waiting to be unlocked.

Unsure of how to respond to reviews? That’s ok! This luncheon offers key communication tips, support in navigating the platform as a business owner, and insights on how to leverage events, marketing stunts, and community collaboration to further your Yelp presence.

Unaware that Yelp hosts local events that educate and connect loyal customers and businesses? Then you should absolutely consider attending so that the next sold-out Yelp event is at your storefront or features your products.

Yelp integrates with cross-channel marketing tactics

During the luncheon, Michael will inform the audience on how to build merit with Yelp’s community across multiple mediums.

As the recent winner of the Reno-Tahoe AMA ACE Award for ‘Best in Direct Marketing’, Yelp’s weekly newsletter is just one of valuable marketing components available to the Yelp community.

With a subscriber list in the tens of thousands, Michael methodically selects businesses to feature that go above and beyond to engage reviewers and provide them with unique opportunities to explore products and experiences. Find out how to become one of those featured businesses during the luncheon next Tuesday!

Michael is no stranger to addressing skepticism, and encourages luncheon attendees to come armed with questions and concerns. Rather than be frustrated by less than favorable reviews, Michael will teach attendees how to dive into feedback and use it to constructively improve operations. Don’t pass up the valuable marketing opportunities Yelp offers. Instead, learn from the expert and start reaching the 70,000 members eager to patronize great business in our region.

Tickets are available at this link: