Thank you for everyone who attend our 10th annual marketing workshop! Check back here for details for next year’s event.
Speakers from the 2022 workshop:
Keynote Presentation:
Human-Centered Design for Marketing Professionals
Explore how human beings can create increasingly better solutions to complex problems

In this workshop, attendees will experience an overview of all stages of the Human-Centered Design process – in a very compressed time frame.  Each participant will produce a tested prototype of innovation by the end of our 90 minutes.

In a hands-on experience, we’ll engage in activities for gaining empathy with the customer, involving customers in the design process, rapid prototyping and obtaining feedback (usability testing) to compare the user’s needs with the product’s features.

This activity will be a modified version of the one used by Stanford University to introduce entrepreneurs and innovators to the process. 

 What You Will Learn in the 90-Minute Session:

  • Overview of the design thinking process
  • We’ll uncover hidden customer needs
  • Brainstorm how to meet those needs, and iteratively build prototypes to address them. 
  • Then check in with the “customer” to verify satisfaction and define the next steps.

Who Should Attend?

Design thinkers and marketing professionals who share a passion for understanding customer needs and matching products or services to those needs. 

  • In-house or agency marketers
  • Small business owners
  • Public relations professionals

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2022 Marketing Workshop Speakers
This workshop will provide hands on insights, tips, and many more powerful tools to help you get ahead of your marketing strategies and tactics in 2022

  • Human-Centered Design for Marketing Professionals – Larry Dailey
  • Psychology of Selling – Michael Thomas
  • The Relationship Between User Experience and Branding – Courtney Meredith
  • Tips to Improve Your Digital Advertising – Joshua Schaap

The Venue

Reno’s historic Little Flower Church is now home to a vibrant event and coworking space. The Virgil hosts events of all sizes and occasions and is a hub for community collaboration and celebration.

Presentations from past events are available on our SlideShare page.