How can that be? See Augmented Reality in Action
Augmented Reality is a video-enhanced view of a physical real-world. Virtual elements merge with real life through mobile technology, and create an interactive experience where James Bond could walk out of a movie poster, where buildings turn into dragons and where pieces of paper could open up like a book.

Michelle_Calloway_picAllen_Cass_picAugmented Reality experts Michelle Calloway and Allen Cassof Reno”s Total Creative Solutions bring years of marketing and cross-media experience to the conversation. This clever blend of video and QR code technology is all over Europe and Asia. Designers and marketers use AR technology to bend reality in marketing campaigns and event promotions for the likes of IKEA, LEGO, Joico.

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Tuesday, February 19th
Atlantis – Casino Resort Spa
3800 S. Virginia St
Networking: 11:30 blackjack AM
Lunch: Noon to 1PM


RSVP by 12pm, Friday, February 15th

Luncheon Pricing
$25  AMA Members with RSVP
$30 Non-Members with RSVP
$17 Students with RSVP
$40 Without RSVP (Seating is on a space-available, first-come, first-serve basis)
Please Note: The AMA bills RSVP”d no-shows. Please notify us no less than 48 hours before the event, so we have time to cancel your meal.

Download the mobile app below to see an example of Augmented Reality:

Android phone
Try Augmented Reality with your android phone
Try Augmented Reality with your android phone