Today’s customers are savvy. They want authenticity and will go to great lengths to make sure the companies they do business with are being authentic. This is why we have review sites that are growing in popularity and in breadth of content, like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Did you know you can rate and review not only your favorite restaurant, but your favorite contractor?

People want the truth, so what should we as marketers do? Give it to them! Even negative reviews or negative situations can be turned into positives. By recognizing a less than glamorous situation, we are saying “we get it, this is not how we want to show up and we will do better.” This is relatable to your customers because everyone has been in a negative situation or has made mistakes, what is important is what you do to remedy those mistakes.

A great example of a company succeeding by using transparency is Zappos. They have transparency built right into their core values; “Build Open and Honest Relationships With Communication.” One of the ways they put this into practice is by offering anyone tours and Q&A sessions with any department in the company, including marketing, customer service, and more. Another way, is by having transparency about their business with their vendors. No more secrets and red tape, just open, honest communication.

On Tuesday August 29th, Renown’s CMO and VP Suzanne Hendery will join us to discuss how she is creating a program to boost brand reputation and trust through digital marketing. Learn how Renown is utilizing the power of authenticity in their marketing efforts by joining us at our August AMA Luncheon.