AMA’s “How To” Marketing Series
Luncheon Programs Geared To Drive Sales Now.

“How To” Marketing In 2009: What Works NOW?

We recognize that many are struggling both personally and professionally and we’re here to help marketers weather tough economic times. So at the AMA, we’ve suspended our regular programming to bring you hands-on, down-to-earth, make-the-cash-register-ring marketing ideas that get results when nothing else seems to be working – How To strategies you can use NOW.

We’re bringing you speakers on Branding. Messaging. Targeting. Social Media. Even new twists on tried-and-true marketing methods that work — and sell — now. We’re aiming for man-on-the-street, bottom line “how do you do this stuff” presentations.

In the 1930s, Proctor & Gamble said, “We are going to market the hell out of our products, and we’re going to do it on the radio”, (which was like the Internet of the time) …so one lesson in downturns is market, market. Don’t cut back on marketing.

You Can Market Your Way Out Of This Recession.
“How To” Programs Will Help.

Check out these upcoming “How To” marketing programs and stay tuned for dates and speakers.

How to Build Your Personal Brand. The brand called “you” is one-in-a-million. Define it, refine it and leverage it to grow and protect your career.
How to Make Your Web Site Work Harder. Static web sites are yesterday’s news. Harness the power of new tools to connect with customers.
How-To Master Search And Pay-Per-Click. If you’re not into Search and PPC, you’re missing customers who are looking for what you have to offer.
How to Be A Brilliant Blogger. Join a blogging expert for a look at retaining your best customers by opening a dialogue with them.
How to Target Your Audience Like A Big Game Hunter When Spray And Pray Doesn’t Work. You’ll never have the resources to market successfully to everyone on the planet. Here’s how to go after heavy users.
How to Reach Customers With Facebook, YouTube, And Twitter. Social media is absorbing, addictive, and everywhere — three key reasons to use them.
How to Caretake Your Customers…For Survival And Profit. Without your customers, you don’t have a business. Veteran marketers caretake their customers like nobody’s business.
How to Make Google’s Tools Work For You: Google skyrocketed to success by being super-smart. Free tools can work wonders for your company.
How to Pull Off Bodacious Branding. People buy brands because they want security in an uncertain world. You can learn how to turn boring into bodacious branding.
How to Network Your Way To Fame & Fortune. Life is not a popularity contest, but it is most definitely a contact sport. Jump in and learn the secrets of success.
How to Master The Art Of Email And Avoid The Trash Bin. Your email is your face to the world. Learn the habits of highly successful emailers in this fascinating look at your online image!

We can do this! Together.