Our panel of craft brew beer-ists will illustrate how the craft beer industry has used events and leveraged a sense of community to create passion around their products. Pour yourself a tall glass of insight at the next AMA Luncheon, Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at the Atlantis. Our panel:

Constance Aguilar, organizer of CANFEST, the world’s first beer festival to serve beers only from cans, will discuss how an event that might have just been for insiders, has created enthusiasm among consumers for a new niche in the beer industry. 

Canfest organizer Constance Aguilar will talk at the AMA Luncheon

Sean Turner, CEO and Owner, Mammoth Brewing Company, will discuss the power local companies have to create a passionate and loyal following for their products. Sean’s insights on why supermarkets are investing so heavily in the beer category will be relevant to your next project.

Mammoth Brewing Company CEO Sean Turner <a href=online casino to talk at the AMA Luncheon” width=”100″ height=”61″ />

Ed Adkins, organizer of Reno’s Beer Crawl joins the conversation as someone who was moved to action by Reno”s rich downtown as a dynamic event venue. Reno’s Beer Crawl, a weekly beer-tasting event on an ever-changing circuit of downtown Reno bars and restaurants. Ed also runs special event & marketing shop, Let”s Do Things.


Marc Tiar, writer for Edible Reno-Tahoe and self-described beer-ologian, will moderate the conversation, adding flavor and color to the conversation, bringing the perspective of a consumer moved from being just a buyer to being a passionate enthusiast.

Writer Marc Tiar to moderate AMA Luncheon