As many of you know, some of the folks involved in Reno’s graphic arts have been working on starting a local American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) chapter. They just received confirmation that they have 24 registered members. Reaching, and surpassing, the 20 member requirement is a major milestone in becoming a chapter. They’re now in the process of filing all the paperwork to formally establish their chapter.

The Reno-Tahoe AIGA’s provisional board has been meeting and has come up with some great concepts for programming, including presentations by nationally-renown designers, major corporate brand champions, a summer film series, a job board, studio tours, a best practices “ShopTalk” series, among some other great ideas.

Beyond the programming, AIGA has a primary mission to provide value to its membership. In supporting that mission, they will strive to provide member benefits that give members a substantial ROI on the annual membership fee.

They’re looking for additional members, so sign up today, and help draw national attention to the Reno/Tahoe chapter of the AIGA as they become the best in the West!

For more information, please contact Jeff Pickett at