There are thousands of blogs peddling social media marketing advice and insights on a daily basis. How to “harness” audiences, why data “drives behavior”, and who to “engage” with your new UGC+giveaway campaign; you name it, the gurus are weighing in on the topic, and you can find it online, powered by WordPress.


It’s 2016, and we’re all aware that social media is a necessary component to marketing efforts, especially important for brands in the consumer space. Marketers and entrepreneurs are well aware of the potential impact a successful social media strategy can have. The ongoing gripe is the fast-paced emergence of new tools, apps, and capabilities, and how difficult it is to keep up with, much less decipher the effectiveness of. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter…they announces changes and new formats more than Donald Trump says China. Enter a new suite of tools and networks like Snapchat and Periscope, and you’re left wondering how you’re going to learn enough to operate each one on behalf of your business or for your digital marketing position, and if it will even make sense to do so.


If that sounds at all familiar (or all too familiar), our upcoming luncheon with Justin Lafferty, Editor at AdWeek’s all-things-social-media network blog SocialTimes is perfect for you. He will focus in on five “need to know” ideas for social marketing in 2016 based on years of experience writing about and guiding editorial direction on the latest social media and marketing trends.


Still not convinced? Okay, here are four solid reasons you can give your boss/director/manager/voice inside your head as to why you must attend:


  • You need to update your social media knowledge. It’s one thing to feel confident in your ability to post an update to a brand Facebook page; but do you know how that same message can resonate with 15 year old vacation purchase influencers via Snapchat? Is that important for you? It may be more vital than you think that you get up to speed with the latest digital communication avenues, and at least know if they’re worth your time investment.
  • Do you even know where your audience is? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital marketing. Recycled strategies across mediums yield poor results, in part because they have completely different audiences absorbing content in a variety of ways. If we asked you why you use Twitter to share company culture visuals, would you be able to confidently tell us why? Probably not. Did you know a celebrity is wearing the sandals you make, and showing them off on a speciality app you had NO idea existed? That’s not something you want to miss out on. Put your money where your crowd is with confidence after this luncheon.
  • Condense months of blog reading into one hour. Justin is an expert in the field; he covers both successful brand marketing tactics and the evolution of marketing technology itself. His 360 view will be passed on in five key points during the luncheon. You’ve never had an opportunity to learn this much about the state of social media marketing in so little time!
  • You’ll walk away with new skills. With your breadth of social media marketing knowledge, you won’t even have time to finish your salad before the juices flow into a sea of brilliant ideas. Does the head of your marketing department ask you about the “latest trends”? After this luncheon, you’ll be able to educate your cohort on why or why not real-time streaming should be worked into your social media engagement efforts, or how mobile web will outpace mobile apps, so your brand’s new website in design needs to be super mobile purchase friendly.


February AMA Luncheon: “Beyond Facebook: 5 Things You Need To Know About Social Marketing in 2016”

Tuesday, February 16th at 11:30am

Atlantis Casino Resort Spa