At an AMA and AAF exclusive joint event, Reno-Tahoe unveiled their new brand and strategy! The event was a success and got us all excited about the future of tourism in Reno-Tahoe. With approximately 150 people in attendance, we enjoyed a great lunch from the Atlantis and were thrilled to have a sneak peek at the new branding. Our rebel hearts embraced the new direction the campaign is going and identified with the sense of owning our contrasting lifestyles here in the region.

“Rock climb downtown or rock out on a mountain!” Was one example used to show how Reno-Tahoe will be showcasing the clash of worlds that so many of us call home. With a newly expanded budget, this campaign will now be more widely targeted than Reno-Tahoe has been able to in the past. In addition to the traditional Bay Area market, Reno-Tahoe will also be targeting the LA area and the Seattle area.

With edgy imagery and catchy slogans, the new look of Reno-Tahoe hits the nail on the head for their Millennial demographic. The new campaign appeals to this generation’s ambition. It showcases the “I will what I want” attitude that Millennials possess, and that Reno-Tahoe shares. The Reno-Tahoe community as well as Millennials¬†are a scrappy bunch who believe we can achieve anything.

With the new branding and campaign in full swing, we can expect to see more visitors to our area in the coming months. Check out everything that Reno-Tahoe is doing on their website: