Somer Athari, from left, Emily Lowe, and Season Lopiccolo, all with Noble Studios in Carson City, hold a conference call April 3 with the Nevada”s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology

Season Lopiccolo”s actual title is operations director at Noble Studios Marketing and Web Development, but the staff has dubbed her “loose ends director.”

She brings together many different aspects of the business, working with clients and with employees. She”s full of passion for the business, and that”s something she encourages in her employees and in anyone thinking of running any business.

To help build passion in new business, Lopiccolo and her staff have been working closely with Nevada”s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology in the promotion of a project that encourages college students to build viable business plans. The 2007 Nevada Donald W. Reynolds Governor”s Cup program, in its third year, winds up with an awards ceremony on Thursday in Reno.

Question: Why are you in marketing and public relations?

Lopiccolo: It started with the writing. I really enjoy it, back in college and even before that, for as long as I can remember. I”ve always been the one who likes to write short stories with a point. And marketing and PR sort of have that same feel. They grab from your creativity, and they allow you to talk more on the passionate side of things. I”m a very passionate person. I love the fact that I get to use that on a daily basis.

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