Get recognized for your marketing brilliance from 2010! Enter your “home run” marketing campaigns into the The ACE Awards at the Aces!

The entry process is more simple than ever! Details and guidelines are included on the following page. Completed entries, supporting materials and entry fees have been extended to Friday, April 8, at 5pm. Please submit your work to Alicia Lindsay-Dietrich at Mac-O-Rama, 4690 Longley Lane, Suite 22.  If you have questions, please contact Alicia at (775) 626-7751.

We will announce the winners at the 2011 ACE Awards Celebration on Thursday, May 19th at the Aces Ball Park in downtown Reno!

Good Luck!

Alicia Lindsay-Dietrich
2010 ACE Committee Chair


Please provide the following information regarding your marketing campaign. Responses to the following questions must be no more than two (2) pages, single-sided and 10 point font. You may choose any format as long as these requirements are The best online casino hot logo of the Fantastic Four is the wild symbol in the best online slots play. met. Responses over two pages or not including the following information will be disqualified. If you enter multiple campaigns, each one must be a separate entry. Hint: As you prepare your entry, please pay special attention to “Quantitative Goals” and “Results”, as these responses have a major impact on your total score.

Firm Information
1. Company/Agency/Organization Name
2. Address
3. Telephone Number
4.  Contact Person
5. Email Address

Campaign Information
1. Client, If Applicable
2. Name of Campaign, Publication, Event, etc.
3. Date(s) of Campaign
4. Category (Choose only one category per entry. If you choose to enter a single campaign for multiple categories, they must be separate entries.)

  • Broadcast Campaign
  • Direct Mail Campaign
  • Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
  • Web / Social Media Campaign
  • Non-Profit
  • Multiple Media Campaign
  • Publicity / Public Relations Campaign

5. Target Market/Demographic
6. Quantitative Goal
7. Strategies – Please list and/or describe specific publication, promotion and/or PR strategies that contributed to the success of the campaign.
8. Results – Please provide a quantitative measurement of your results, i.e. percentage increase in revenue, attendance, increased awareness, percentage increase in market share, etc.
9. Summary – Please summarize your campaign for use in the event program.
10.  Applicable URLs or Links (For video and other multimedia entries).


We”ve gone all digital this year! Please include any supporting materials on a DVD or CD in PDF format. Any video files should be uploaded to YouTube for easy viewing by our judging chapter.

During this year”s awards ceremony, we”ll show an image or radio/TV spot for each winner. Please also email an image, radio spot (wav, mp3 or similar format), or TV spot (mpeg or similar format) to


  • AMA Member Entry Fee – $40 per entry
  • Non-Member Entry Fee – $60 per entry