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How Big Data, Software & Algorithms are Changing Marketing

The world of marketing is in constant flux – where will you be in 2016? What will you be doing as a marketer in 2016? Rex Briggs, Founder & CEO of Marketing Evolution, will answer those questions, and more, at the January 2016 Reno-Tahoe AMA Luncheon. Rex has been named one of the dozen “Best and Brightest” in Media and Technology by Ad Week, and one of the people to “watch and learn from” by BrandWeek. This is the luncheon that you want to kick off the New Year with – trust us!


Are you an AMA member? If you bring a non-AMA member friend to the luncheon you get a Starbucks gift card!!

About Rex Briggs:

Rex is an expert in unlocking marketing ROI profits through measurement. He is credited with pioneering many digital measurement techniques, including post-click analysis, attribution modeling, online advertising effectiveness, Cross Media Measurement and Social Media effectiveness. His ROI work is referenced in over 100 marketing books, and his own books, What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds (2006) and SIRFs-Up: The Story of How “Spend To Impact Response Functions” (SIRFs), Algorithms and Software Are Changing The Face of Marketing (2012), have been required reading at top business schools including Wharton and Harvard.