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AMA: Roundtable Marketing Discussion

 Join us Wednesday morning, May 29th, at Noble Studios for muffins and coffee. We will be covering mobile apps, marketing tactics, and other mobile topics. Bring your questions, your apps, and let”s explore the possibilities of the mobile marketing world. Space is limited to 15 people. To RSVP, please email us at Wednesday, May […]

The Age of Mobile Marketing

2013 is the year mobile has taken center stage in the world of marketing. From responsive design to web apps, Michael Thomas will explore how this consumer-centric channel builds value to your brands and businesses. Michael Thomas, a partner at Noble Studios, will discuss the strengths of mobile, highlight the measurability and effectiveness, and provide guidance on the proper […]

2013 AMA Mar·ket·ing Workshop – May 2, 2013

Classroom A Classroom B 4:00pm-4:30pm Workshop Registration 4:30pm-5:00pm Branding Flip Wright, The Glenn Group Storytelling in Marketing Andy Walden, Noble Studios 5:05pm-5:35pm Small Business Success StoryPublic Relations Shila Morris, Squeeze In Restaurants Causing Disruption Rob Gaedtke, KPS3 5:45pm-6:15pm Social Media Milena Regos, Out & About Marketing Guerilla Marketing Larry DeVincenzi, Biggest Little Group 6:20pm-6:50pm Digital Analytics […]

Marketing On A Shoestring Budget

Non-profit leader and marketing professional, Brian Williams, will be giving actionable steps, tips, and ideas on how to market your business, cause, or event with little or no budget. Brian will be addressing social media, cause marketing, educational partnerships, and unique ways to get your message heard in the media. Be sure to bring a […]

Augmented Reality for Businesses

How can that be? See Augmented Reality in Action Augmented Reality is a video-enhanced view of a physical real-world. Virtual elements merge with real life through mobile technology, and create an interactive experience where James Bond could walk out of a movie poster, where buildings turn into dragons and where pieces of paper could open up like a book. […]

AMA: Roundtable Marketing Discussion Friday, February 8th

Super Bowl Ad Review Over Muffins and Coffee | RSVP Today  Join us Friday morning, February 8th, at Mimi’s Café for muffins and coffee. We will be covering what we liked and disliked about this year’s Super Bowl ads. Meet other marketers, bring your professional marketing opinion, and let’s discuss the target, strategy, and innovation of TV’s greatest […]