Chief Marketing Officer

Travel Nevada (Nevada Division of Tourism) is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer to lead an established team in the tourism/brand marketing space. The ideal candidate will bring a background in analysis and forecasting to inform and implement a robust marketing strategy. Reporting to Chief Deputy, Administration, this position will lead an innovative creative/content team to reach the agency’s marketing goals.

Reports to: Deputy Director, Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs
• Art Director
• Marketing Manager
• Research Manager
• Content Development Manager
• Marketing Strategist
• Social Media Strategist

As a department director, the following job description offers guidelines for performing at a minimum level. It is expected that professional initiative, proactively incorporating best practices of other state marketing organizations, and providing innovative ideas will reveal additional opportunities and help drive the organization to new levels of success.

• Manages and directs an experienced staff in the research, advertising, digital, creative and partner-driven programming functions.
• Tenaciously monitors results, ensuring all advertising and digital programs reach and/or exceed results as outlined in the marketing plan.
• Establishes the marketing department’s fiscal objectives and monitors ongoing budget usage
•Acts as day-to-day contact with third party vendors including: advertising/media agencies, digital development shops. Manage contracts, invoices and ensure intended results are reached.
• Works with staff to oversee call centers/fulfillment houses and customer relationship management vendors.
• Participates in advertising/digital-focused industry groups and forums on the local and national level and provides best practices insights back to TravelNevada.
• Manages the NCOT Marketing Committee.
• Directs staff and integrated agency to ensure all marketing materials are brand compliant and oversees the securing of licensing for creative materials produced in-house and used in production (photography, video, music, etc.)

Marketing Research Strategy
• Develops the marketing elements of the annual Travel Nevada marketing plan and contributes to the overall strategy.
• In partnership with the Research Manager, develops integrated data processes, appropriate performance measures to gauge success and applies these methods to strategic planning and implementation.
• Works closely with the Research Manager to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns for future initiatives.
• Monitors and revises strategy based on research, traveler preferences and external/economic conditions.

Media Buying
• Works in collaboration with the integrated marketing agency to develop a comprehensive media strategy to meet the marketing objectives by utilizing media research tools, internal research and industry market knowledge. Present these strategies at the Nevada Commission on Tourism and Marketing Committee meetings, integrating insights from the committees into the final strategy.
• Buys and/or oversees the domestic advertising buys including broadcast, digital, radio, outdoor, print, and mobile.
• Monitors all media buys to ensure a consistent and relevant message pursuant to the environment and offerings of the state – revises media buy to reflect situational changes.
• Oversees and monitors ongoing campaign performance, ensuring campaigns are executed properly and meet marketing objectives.

Creative Development
• Oversees the brand management and advertising creative direction.
• Works with creative agency to develop creative pieces, ensuring brand and message consistency, proper inclusion of Nevada tourism partners.
• Works with staff to help manage logistics around creative projects.

Digital Development
• Provides overall strategic direction for the development, execution, and maintenance of the websites.
• Oversees and establishes the search engine optimization strategy (SEO) including keyword development, content, meta data, and linking strategy.
• Monitors and analyzes site traffic to TravelNevada-related web and mobile sites by utilizing Google Analytics to determine future initiatives.

Marketing Program Development
• Works in collaboration with the Communications team to develop and promote the annual Discover Your Nevada program, ensuring program goals are met.
• Provides content development and art direction as needed with the annual Visitor’s Guide.


How to Apply

SUBMIT LETTERS OF INTEREST/ RESUMES/DIRECT INQUIRIES TO: Agency HR Services Attn: Rachel Gansberg email to: or mail to: 400 W. King Street, Suite 406 Carson City, NV 89703

PLEASE REFERENCE THE FOLLOWING IN THE SUBJECT: Last Name/Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism/How you heard about this position