Kindra Hall lives to tell stories. As a child she fostered a love of the art by attending storytelling festivals, and grew up to find that their real world application had the power to resonate messages with audiences and impact their behaviors and views unlike any other marketing tactic she had seen. Stories became her secret weapon to get people talking.

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Now a published author, practicing journalist, speaker, internationally renowned consultant, and active board member to multiple marketing organizations, Kindra works with corporate heads of major brands and nonprofits alike to help them discover the opportunity to connect and succeed as businesses by sharing the stories that make them relatable and trustworthy.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Kindra in between her travels and knowledge sharing to find out from her what makes stories such powerful affiliate marketing tactic, and what people can expect to learn during her upcoming AMA luncheon. Here is what she had to say:

Honesty is still the best policy

That may sound funny, she said, but the problem with mixing storytelling and business is that many convince themselves that for something to be compelling, it has to have drama. The misconception that fiction has to exist actually limits the marketing power of a story, and she has found that the more honest you are, the more strategic it can be.

During her Reno- Tahoe AMA luncheon, Kindra will discuss the importance of honesty and how to craft compelling stories without unnecessary theatrics.

Storytelling isn’t just a buzzword

Kindra stressed that while storytelling is a dynamic marketing tool, in becoming a buzzword it has lost a bit of its meaning. Many people don’t know what it is anymore, or what makes a good story, and consequently aren’t able to use it or leverage it in ways that will impact their bottom line. From small businesses to nonprofits, Kindra will reveal the one mistake almost everyone makes in the process of storytelling, and how to avoid it to instead tell the stories that bring in business.

Storytelling makes a difference in your business

Digital, social, content, advertising, blogging…the list goes on. Kindra strives to showcase the countless channels and their specific tactics that brands can leverage to build relationships with consumers and supporters simply by sharing honest stories. By the end of her presentation, she is confident that attendees will discover why it is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to connect with their audience, and walk away committed to investing in its abilities.

This isn’t a “feel good campfire stories” topic

Storytelling is a skill to effective irresistible marketing. Kindra finds that all too often executives look at it as a soft skill, or even write it off as something that happens naturally. But the process behind telling the right stories to accomplish specific business goals runs deep, and truly is an artform that must be respected and learned in order to effectively execute.

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Intrigued now? Great, because Kindra won’t let you walk away without an actionable plan to harness this skill and make it work for you regardless of your industry, longevity, budget, and experience.