From a Near Death Experience to Hog Heaven
Marketing Lessons to be Learned from the Harley Davidson Story

October 18 > 11:30 am – 1:00 pm > Harrah’s Reno Convention Center 
A unique marketing and branding success story.
• How did they survive near-bankruptcy and create an even stronger brand?
• How did they persuade doctors and lawyers to buy “hogs”?
• How do they compete successfully against lower priced products?
• And how do they keep the brand strong, with a user group spanning blue-collar workers to high-powered executives?

It’s an American icon brand. It’s been said, “The real power of Harley-Davidson is the power to market to consumers who love the product”. Brand loyalty for Harley-Davidson is emotional. They are considered more than motorcycles – they are legends.
Join us and learn the marketing secrets that have propelled Harley Davidson to the top of the heap.

John Crowell grew up on a farm in Iowa – and slopped a lot of hogs in his youth. Today, he’s hanging out with a different kind of “hog”, also known as the Harley Owners Group.

John and his wife Marci are owners of the Reno Harley Davidson dealership. John took on the dealer side of the business after 25 years at Harley Davidson’s headquarters in Milwaukee, where he held a wide variety of high-level positions. He was knee-deep in strategic planning, and first-hand witness to marketing efforts throughout the Harley Davidson metamorphosis that led to its current world standing. Harley Davidson has been his career, and his passion.

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