The Sunday, Oct 22 issue of the Reno Gazette-Journal contains two interesting articles on how technology is changing how politicians campaign.

The first, “,” notes that — to be credible — candidates needs to at least maintain a website, and that many also have blogs. These websites not only allow candidates to communicate with voters but can also be instrumental in fund-raising, as demonstrated by John McCain and Howard Dean during the last presidential election.

The second, “Some are calling “06 campaign “the YouTube elections”,” discusses the growing influence of social networking sites such as YouTube. These sites are especially successful in reaching younger voters, who see these sites as important sources of information. The article notes that the “online forum has become so popular among campaigns that some have begun using the phrase, “the YouTube elections,” to describe the phenomenon.” (YouTube was recently acquired by Google for $1.6 billion and claims 100 million video views a day.)

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