Tell us about your background in marketing.

I have been in some form of sales my entire life. From Girl Scout cookies and candy bars for Softball, I have sold it all. I even gathered pollywogs as a child and sold those to my friends, two for a quarter. When I relocated to Reno from Los Angeles, my first real job in town was with a local printing company specializing in flexible packaging for the food and snack industries. After two years of inside sales I moved over to the design/pre-press department. It was there that I was taught design under the guidance of a brilliant teacher.

Tell us about your company.

I followed up with continuing education at our local University and continued there for an additional nine years when I was offered an incredible opportunity at DigiPrint in Marketing and Sales. Because of my background in graphic design and prepress, I think that made me more valuable to my clients looking best online casino for impactful marketing pieces at DigiPrint. I keep myself educated too on new marketing trends, and I feel I have a good eye when it comes to helping my customers in branding themselves. What DigiPrint allowed me, was the opportunity to be myself. David values my opinion, does not micromanage and has been a huge support system of in helping me reach my successes these past few years. I was named Professional Saleswomen of Nevada’s “2011 Saleswoman of the Year.” That was amazing, not to mention DigiPrint is the number one Commercial Printer in Northern Nevada for the sixth consecutive year in a row. The two go simultaneously together. Every employee at DigiPrint knows the power of customer service, especially when we weather an economical storm.

What do you love most about the Reno/Tahoe AMA?

I prefer networking, it sure beats cold calling, and the Reno-Tahoe AMA allows me to interact with like mind individuals in my profession, along with being educated monthly with the fabulous speakers.

What led to you Reno/Tahoe?

I relocated to Reno in 1995 from Los Angeles with my husband and daughter after the Northridge earthquake. We were forced out of our home while it underwent renovations. We moved into an apartment and within a month, they had stolen my husband’s car. Displaced from our home, one less car and feeling like I needed my mommy, we took our FEMA money and high tailed it north to Truckee, where we stayed with my parents long enough to find jobs here in the Reno/Sparks area. It was the smartest move of our lives and we have never looked back.