Tell us about your company and your background in marketing.

The Nevada Museum of Art is the only accredited art museum in the state – emboldening us with a strong sense of responsibility for arts education and programming for residents of and guests to the area. With this accreditation, the Museum joins the ranks of other significant institutions such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Just 5% of all museums in the US earn AAM accreditation.

My time at the Museum as Director of Communications and Marketing is divided between fostering local and regional awareness and creating national and international appeal. I have always had a love for the arts – wanting at one point in my life to be a designer. I have travelled much of the world and at each destination have sought out art, architecture and design. The Nevada Museum of Art presents all three of these elements on equal footing and provides me with a chance to learn everyday while challenging me to present it to a diverse public.

What led you to Reno/Tahoe?

I attended High School and University in Reno and graduated from Galena High School in ’96 and UNR in ’01. In High School I was too timid to try art classes – preferring to stick to the swim team and water polo. I graduated UNR with a Bachelors in Journalism, with an advertising focus, and decided that Creative Director was the job for me! I traveled and lived abroad for the next 8 years chasing my dream of graphic nbso online casino reviews design in San Francisco and New York – discovering I was not designer material – and then unexpectedly landed at a Public Relations firm in London working on accounts as diverse as Manchester United’s football star Wayne Rooney and Gun & Rifle Makers James Purdey & Sons Ltd. In 2009 I decided it was time to come home to Reno, settled down with my husband Jamie Kingham, and three years later we welcomed our daughter Lillian. Reno is home.

What is your favorite thing about the Reno/Tahoe AMA?

Before becoming a member I had the chance to attend a series of events and luncheons hosted by the Reno/Tahoe AMA and was impressed. Each event provided an opportunity for networking and personal development. I decided to become a member after making a number of new connections and realizing the group’s importance in not only helping me further my career but also offer a platform for sharing ideas and gaining insight from my peers. For instance, considering how I could apply someone’s experience in a technology field to the arts.