What the Hell is Branding Really? A 2017 Answer for Cleaning Up a Strategy that’s Gotten Muddy
Along with his team of forward-thinkers and norm-shakers, Bill’s developed an approach to branding that brings big-business tactics to entrepreneurs, helping them make smarter business decisions and give their marketing efforts real focus (no more throwing marketing-spaghetti at the wall). In this presentation, Bill will give a 2017 answer to the question, “what the hell is branding, really?” Through real-world examples, useful quick-and- dirties, and a slew of mediocre jokes, Bill will show how an integrated approach helps businesses successfully execute what seems so simple on paper: first you brand your business, then you market it. Plus, he’ll give away free stuff.

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Bill West
Owner and lead eyebrow-raiser of Bareknuckle Brand Marketing, Bill M. West pulls from his background as a speech writer, ghostwriter and university writing instructor to help entrepreneurs develop a rich, compelling message and articulate their business’s brand. His work has been featured in media sources such as the New York Times, CNBC and Fox News; across financial websites such as e-trade; and on the back of vodka bottles. A transplant from the sticks of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bill dug his roots in Reno 12 years ago … finishing his masters program, starting his first business, supporting local craft breweries and singing for a rock-n- roll band you’ve never heard of.



2017-11-21 11:30:002017-11-22 13:00:00America/Los_AngelesNovember Luncheon: What the Hell is Branding Really?
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