The top five things you need to know for your digital strategy going into 2019.

  1. But First, First-Party Data
    1. Enhancing channel performance (social media, search)
  2. Power In Personalization
    1. Hyper-local mobile
  3. Value in Video
  4. Privacy Play
    1. Facebook – 3rd party data
    2. Apple – IPT 2.0
  5. Move to Transparency
    1. Shady business practices
    2. The desire for transparency beyond relationship into tech

About Brett

Joining us from Las Vegas, Brett Peterson is a digital marketer turned sales aficionado, who has worked with advertisers and agencies across the country to craft truly effective digital campaigns. Prior to selling, Brett managed multi-million dollar media campaigns for MGM Resorts, which helped to launch his career. His passion is finding ways to truly help brands understand what they need to do in order to grow their businesses.

Brett leads the sales efforts on the West Coast at Netmining, helping brands with cross-channel digital campaign execution including display, video, native, search, social and meta.

He is the President-Elect of the Las Vegas American Marketing Association and a prior board member of the Las Vegas Interactive Marketing Association, who has spoken at numerous marketing events in Las Vegas.


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