Let’s be honest, we all struggle with charging what we’re worth. We know that the work we do has real value, but how do we price our products and services accordingly without creating sticker shock and losing all our customers? Blair Enns is here to help.

This special keynote presentation is in partnership with AAF Reno, AIGA, AMA, NCET, and PRSA and is graciously sponsored by Noble Studios.

Author of the Win ​Without ​Pitching ​Manifesto, Blair ​Enns ​has ​a ​brand ​new ​book, Pricing ​Creativity: ​A ​Guide ​to ​Profit ​Beyond ​the ​BIllable ​Hour. ​He ​is devoting ​much ​of ​2018 ​to ​speeches ​and ​workshops ​on ​five ​continents ​in ​support ​of his ​objective ​to ​significantly ​improve ​the ​earnings ​of ​creative ​professionals everywhere.

“It’s ​my ​goal ​to ​increase ​the ​profits ​of ​the ​world’s ​independent ​creative ​firms by ​more ​than ​$100,000,000 ​a ​year, ​and ​I’m ​confident Pricing ​Creativity ​will ​do ​that.” Enns ​believes ​that ​by ​applying ​his Pricing ​Creativity ​principles, ​rules ​and ​tips, ​the average ​firm ​should ​easily ​increase ​their ​profits ​by ​5% ​of ​their ​current ​revenue. ​For example, ​a ​firm ​doing ​$1m ​in ​revenue ​should ​be ​able ​to ​add ​a ​minimum ​$50k ​to their ​bottom ​line, ​with ​many ​adding ​much, ​much ​more. ​Some ​of ​Blair’s ​creative ​firm clients ​have ​increased ​revenue ​by ​more ​than ​50% ​through ​his ​techniques, simultaneously ​improving ​profit ​margin ​from ​4% ​to ​45% ​in ​just ​one ​year.

Networking – 11:30am – 12:00pm

Keynote Presentation – 12:00pm sharp – 1:30pm

About ​the ​Keynote

The Pricing ​Creativity keynote ​addresses ​issues every professional, freelancer, entrepreneur, agency and business owner goes through: how to charge what you’re worth. This ​talk will go over principles that will ​help you believe ​that ​you ​can ​charge ​much ​more, ​and ​show you ​how ​to ​do ​it. ​

Blair ​is an ​accomplished, ​and ​provocative ​speaker ​who ​strives ​to ​deliver ​a ​talk ​that ​leaves ​a wake ​of ​lively ​debate ​long ​after ​the ​event ​has ​ended.

“You ​cannot ​be ​an ​effective ​pricer ​if ​you ​study ​pricing ​alone ​and ​eschew ​some of ​the ​complementary ​skills ​of ​selling ​and ​negotiating,” ​says ​Enns. ​“Most ​attempts ​at value-based ​pricing ​in ​creative ​firms ​fail ​for ​this ​reason.” ​That ​blended ​view ​of pricing, ​selling ​and ​negotiating ​is ​what ​Enns ​brings ​to ​the ​subject ​matter, ​but ​he ​is clear ​that ​none ​of ​these ​areas ​is ​where ​his ​true ​expertise ​lies. ​“More ​than ​pricing ​or selling, ​what ​I ​know ​is ​the ​creative ​mind ​and ​the ​peculiarities ​that ​make ​it ​difficult for ​that ​person ​to ​ask ​to ​be ​paid ​what ​they ​are ​worth.”

Some ​key ​points ​covered ​include:

  • How ​to ​get ​paid ​for ​value ​instead ​of ​inputs ​or ​outputs
  • The ​proper ​use ​of ​retainers
  • How ​to ​move ​from ​50-page ​decks ​to ​one-page ​proposals
  • How ​to ​untether ​from ​tracking ​and ​selling ​time
  • How ​to ​reconcile ​agile ​development ​with ​value ​pricing
  • How ​to ​overcome ​your ​own ​mental ​hurdles ​to ​charging ​more

About ​the ​Book

Pricing ​Creativity: ​A ​Guide ​to ​Profit ​Beyond ​the ​Billable Hour ​is ​the ​first ​pricing ​book ​priced ​based ​on ​the principles ​in ​the ​book. ​Available ​only ​at, ​the ​book ​is ​available ​in ​multiple formats ​(ebook, ​manual ​and ​video) ​at ​multiple ​price points, ​ranging ​from ​$100 ​to ​$320. ​In ​another ​twist ​for ​a book, ​each ​version ​is ​backed ​by ​a ​100% ​guarantee. ​If ​the purchaser ​is ​unhappy ​with ​the ​book ​for ​any ​reason, they’re ​free ​to ​return ​it ​for ​a ​full ​refund. ​“While ​the ​book ​is available ​in ​eBook ​and ​video ​formats, ​I ​wrote ​it ​to ​be ​a readable ​reference ​manual. ​I ​imagine ​people ​will ​read the ​first ​three ​sections ​on ​Principles, ​Rules ​and ​Tips ​and then ​pull ​the ​book ​out ​and ​reference ​the ​tools ​section ​every ​time ​they ​craft ​a ​new proposal.”

About ​Blair ​Enns

Blair ​Enns ​is ​on ​a ​mission ​to ​change ​the ​way ​creative services ​are ​bought ​and ​sold ​the ​world ​over. ​He ​is ​the founder ​and ​CEO ​of ​Win ​Without ​Pitching, ​the ​sales training ​and ​coaching ​organization ​for ​creative professionals, ​and ​the ​author ​of ​two ​books ​on ​selling ​and pricing ​for ​creative ​professionals. ​He ​is ​the ​cohost, ​along with ​David ​C. ​Baker, ​of ​2Bobs, ​the ​podcast ​on ​creative entrepreneurship.

Blair ​lives ​in ​Kaslo, ​British ​Columbia, ​Canada ​and lectures ​throughout ​the ​world. ​He ​has ​spoken ​to ​dozens ​of conferences ​and ​organizations ​on ​five ​continents.

After-Luncheon Mixer – Meet Blair!

Noble Studios will be hosting a select number of people at the Noble Studios office at 6pm following the luncheon on February 6th. There will be drinks, appetizers, and of course, Blair Enns himself. We have limited availability, so get your tickets fast!

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