Part-Time or Full-Time PAID Internship

for Students or Recent Grads

Marketing / Computer Science / Info Systems / Tech Geeks / Geniuses

Does this describe you?

  • Independent and like teaching yourself new skills
  • Eager to learn more about marketing, running a business, and improving your technical skills
  • Would like the option to work from home
  • Ready to take on a large amount of responsibility and have input in the future of the business
  • Excited to be a part of growing multiple business, some in their beginning stages
  • Specifically want to learn more about automating systems and processes, coding, integrating programs, improving our marketing and sales systems with technical hacks. Google is your friend.

We need you!

We’re growing multiple businesses from the ground up and are looking for talented, motivated students or recent grads to grow and learn with us in our fast-paced innovative culture. You can learn more about our various businesses here:

You will be an integral part of the marketing team, but we’ve found that we need more and more technical skills as time goes on. This position can be permanent if it is the right fit.

I am specifically looking for someone who thinks in a logical, process-oriented, and detailed way. I need a technical mind. If you are not confident in your technical skills like knowing HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, working on the backend of a website, integrating programs, automating processes to improve the efficiency of our daily tasks, tracking sources so we know the results of our efforts, etc., that’s ok! More importantly, I need someone who is dedicated and driven to learn these skills.

We do not expect you to be experienced in all marketing/business/technical skills, but we expect you to take initiative and problem-solve issues on your own. You will need to teach yourself new skills you do not know, but we will be there to assist you. We have a very entrepreneurial culture and we do not micromanage, so you have to be self-motivated.

We have an office in South Reno we all use sporadically, for meetings mostly. You are welcome to work at the office or at home. This position will be about 30% collaboration and 70% self-managed work. We are very flexible schedule-wise. We don’t care about a set schedule as much as we care about reaching our goals. Starting pay will depend upon what you can bring to the table, and as a small business, we greatly value each individual employee and what they contribute. We do not provide benefits. Unless you count totally loving your job as a benefit!


Are you the person I’ve been looking for?


Please contact Kayla Hughes, at, if you are interested in joining our awesome team!